And here we are!

Sunrise out of our window

After months and months of jumping through hoops to get all the documents, and all the documents to support the documents, we’ve finally made it to South Korea and are now at Jeonju University to do the orientation period of our year contract out here.

We set out on a chilly English morning ready for the (I have no idea how many hours long) flights. Starting the trip as I will probably continue it, I spent the couple of hours at the airport before the off last minute organising travel insurance, mobile phone sim nonsense and on the phone to the tax office trying to get some certificate we should have sorted weeks ago. Oh well.

Our final meal in England was a sorry sight I’m afraid to say. We brought it on ourselves by choosing to dine at that most classy establishment, Wetherspoons. Nice. Ruth had Chilli Con Carne which was what can only be described as “Brown Slop” and I went for the safe option of a chicken burger which turned out to be coated in some other slop. This time, flouro yellow. A real treat.

The flights went easily enough, but didn’t manage to sleep a lot. I had a girl sat behind me who used the touch screen monitor in the headrest on my seat as some sort of punching bag for most of the journey. Ruth was adopted by an old Indian lady heading for Madras who was a seasoned Emirates passenger, and spent the journey with her feet on the seat pressed against Ruth’s legs wiggling her toes. Funny stuff.

We arrived at about half 10 at night at Jeonju University after a 4 hour coach journey straight from the airport. Exhausted, we signed in and were greeted with a bag of goodies (towels, clocks, hoody, snacks etc.) and were finally allowed to get some kip in our dorm.

I’ve run out of time now so will update v soon.

Off to lectures then.


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4 Responses to “And here we are!”

  1. Heather says:

    Liking the blog! Will be a fab record of your time! And brill for us nosey lot! Hx

  2. Laura says:

    Whoop! You’re adventures have begun… Look forward to reading more.. Lots of love x

  3. Sam says:

    So, where is the March edition??

  4. Vaughan says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog …from airport departure lounge right up to having a skype today. Sounds like it was all action from the word go, but I get the feeling that your learning curve is currently not quite as steep as it was, and that you have settled into a more general (if not always predictable) routine. But, hey, what an adventure, Kids! Travel is education they say, so with a bit more tacked on the end when you finish, you’ll both be coming home with ‘firsts’! Speak soon and looking forward to next blog.

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