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Just a little update on what we’ve been up to…

One of my co-teachers suggested we went to watch a baseball game the other Tuesday night. I’ve never been to watch a baseball game so I was definitely up for trying it though I have to say I was very cynical being a cricket fan.

The first thing to note is that it is cheap, about £2.50 so can’t really complain. Sellers line the street outside trying to flog you fried chicken and beer. We didn’t resist.

I tried to have an open mind when the game started. From what I’ve seen of baseball on TV I thought it looked as dull as but I thought hey, live it could be different. Then I was told that the team we were there to support, KIA Tigers, had lost the last 7 games in a row. Make that eight now, they lost 6-5.

The most interesting bit was the crowd. Koreans have a song for every player. They’re all very nice songs, very tasteful and friendly, usually just “Kim Il Su, hit it!” and so on. I tried to explain what the football chants from home are like…. Lots more f’s and c’s and so on……. My co-teacher, Seung Hee couldn’t understand this. The highlight was the MC who tries to get the crowd going. He stands in the many, many, many breaks in the game with a camera and picks out people showing them on the big screen. Seung Hee told me that when if they pick you out you MUST dance. Then she said that there would be a good chance they would show me as I was one of only a handful of foreigners there. Great. I kept an eye on the screen for the whole of the rest of the game hiding whenever the MC got the camera out.

On a side note, I had a class with my grade 2-C middle school (the lowest level grade 2 class). The class was quite hard work trying to keep their attention from smacking each other/sleeping/arguing/talking rubbish etc. but one lad at the front was excellent, answered all the questions in English and participated constantly. He got candy for this! Bribery is definitely the way forward here.

At the end of the lesson I saw him on the way out. I said, “Your English is very good”. He said “Thank you, my mother is English teacher”. I said, “Ahhh, I see. You are in group C, I think you should be in B or A”. After some tooing and froing he understood what I meant. He said “No, no, I am C”. I said, “Why”?. He replied “My classroom has air conditioning”.

Fair point, it’s true, his is the only classroom with air con.

In other news, it is crazy hot so we’re spending a good deal of time sweating. Also, we’re going to a music festival next weekend, hopefully we can get the time off we need after booking the wrong weekend off as holiday. Clever.

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