Docho Island… take four

A little bit of escapism is something that Ruth and I both crave living in Korea. As much as we enjoy living here, we love to get away where we have to deal with no-one… not a soul. Last weekend we took a trip back to our favourite little island called Docho with our friend Bryan knowing that this would be the last chance we’d get to visit before we leave Korea. It also worked as a chance to test out our brand spanking new tent.

We decided to splash out a bit a few weeks ago on a Hilleberg tent. We figured that when we start our big trip in March we want to save as much as we possibly can on accommodation. After hearing that hostels are getting more and more expensive in New Zealand and Australia we plumped for a pretty expensive tent – our home for about 8 months.

Our shiny new toy

This was the fourth time we’d been to the island and yet again we were greeted off the ferry by a local guy who said he’d give us a lift to the beach. He desperately wanted us to meet him and his friends later for “many many soju”, but this time we politely declined (not that it stopped him asking again and again). The tent was perfect, the company and food was great, and a good weekend away has left us feeling refreshed and ready for the final few weeks of teaching here.

Here are a few of the photos from the trip:

We watched a group for about an hour bowing, chanting and burning incense in front of these.

My mum always told me not to play with fire... she was wrong!

Friendliest dog ever

Loves his ice-cream this dog. I don't like sharing.

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