ESL Lesson – Comparative Adjectives (Elementary)

This is an effective lesson, ending with a very fun comparatives game that has never failed to be a massive hit with our students. This was a lesson we planned for grade 6 students in elementary school (11-12 year olds) for the new 2011 text book in Korea (Lesson 10: I’m stronger than you), but could easily be used to teach comparative adjectives to any ESL class of any age group depending on their level.

The lesson starts with a warmer game to get the students motivated, and ends with a game that gets them practising the target language.

Read the Lesson Plan and download the Lesson Files

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3 Responses to “ESL Lesson – Comparative Adjectives (Elementary)”

  1. Daniela Scholz says:

    Hey guys !
    As you know, some time ago, I tried to send you this comment, but it didn’t want to come through.
    Ruth, I did your comparatives lesson with the 6th graders and it worked very well. They absolutely loved the game, and I could not stop them anymore. Thanks to my great co-teacher, she explained the parts about nouns and adjectives in Korean. The students were really attentive and enjoyed doing all the work.
    I have used your lesson and adapted it for a high school lesson. Let me know if you want a copy of it.
    Thanks again !

  2. Ruth says:

    Would LOVE a copy of your high school version Daniela! Maybe we could share it on the blog? Thanks so much for the great feedback, this is definitely one of our favourite and most popular lessons. Really glad it worked so well for you!

  3. Culain says:

    <ॐ Thank you so much!

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