Please Help If You Can

You may have heard about this already but if not then it’s an important one.

An expat called Mike Milne who lives in Miryang near Busan fell seriously ill with liver failure. On Dec. 7th he underwent transplant surgery with his brother, which was successful, and is now in recovery in ICU isolation for 2 weeks. Unfortunately none of the medical bills are covered by the Korean National Health Insurance so they are in dire need of donations, however large or small.

They have reached around 15 million won so far and have been quoted with 40-50 million in total overall costs, so it’s still very important to keep up the effort. We would urge everyone who can spare a little money to donate to this cause. It’s really easy to do so – all the details can be found here:,25243.0.html

Get well soon Mick.

Also, if you have a blog please spread the word.

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