Bangkok’s Backstreet Canals

Bangkok has so much to offer in the way of sights and tourist attractions, beautiful, incredible stuff. But if you venture behind the well trodden scenes, there are some truly wonderful things to see.

It was our final day in Thailand and we were spending it in Bangkok before our evening flight. We spent part of the afternoon exploring Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, located in the Rattanakosin district right next to the Grand Palace. Afterwards, we needed to get back to the MBK Centre ( where we’d left our luggage that morning (This is actually a great tip if you’re wondering where to leave your luggage in Bangkok. MBK Centre is a big shopping centre in the Pathum Wan District that has a FREE bag deposit service on the 6th floor), and decided that we’d walk part of the way to see what we could see. We were with our friend Bryan and he knew a backstreet route that would take us along the canals. We were rewarded with a rather captivating wander, a real ‘local’ experience. In the fading sunlight I really enjoyed taking these photos, the canal looked beautifully dreamy and we met with some interesting sights and characters along the way…

Click a picture to zoom in and see the gallery:

Children playing in the street, Bangkok.

Children playing in the street.

Street food vendor in Bangkok

Delicious street food vendor.

Backstreet canal in Bangkok

Houses along the canal.

Cute Thai Child

Really cute little boy munching some sweetcorn.

Buddhist shrine next to the canal, Bangkok

Buddhist shrine next to the canal.

Buddhist Shrine in Bangkok

Colourful houses by the canal, Bangkok

Eclectic mix of colourful houses along the canal.

Sunset from the canal, Bangkok

Local canalside restaurant in Bangkok

Local canalside restaurant, great food!

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