So long Korea… plus our travel gear

Time's up

Time's up!!!

In a few hours from now I’ll be sat with my knees pressed firmly against my chest, wedged into a tiny seat in might-as-well-swim class on the budget Chinese airline we chose all those months ago… and are beginning to regret just a tad. I never learn. When we flew to Beijing it was exactly the same, squished up when the kindly lady in front jammed her seat back to a point where she was lying on my lap. I should be a contortionist.

I’ve got into the habit of smiling nicely at the check-in staff and asking for one of those emergency exit seats with lovely long leg room, though I noticed this morning that they’ve started charging for that little perk, brilliant.

Enough moaning, we’re off to New Zealand!!!

We’ve organised ourselves a little bit more now and can safely say that for the first two weeks we’re all sorted. Our kit list is now as ready as it’ll ever be so I just wanted to share with you what made it into our rucksacks. The plan is that we’ll do some reviews of these things as we go.

I am a nightmare about getting a good deal. I refuse to buy the first thing I find and can’t relax until I’ve trawled the internet reading endless reviews; I may as well save you the bother of all of that. Lightweight/Sturdy/Inexpensive: This is the ideal. Now, unless you’re the sultan of Brunei, you won’t be able to get all three in one product, so choose two; that’s what I was advised. Nonsense, you can get all three but you do have to compromise a little. Speaking from a what experience I have, I’m now obsessed with keeping our bags lightweight. Here is some of the main kit that we’re taking:

  • Tent: Hilleberg Nallo 3GT
  • Stove: MBR Pocket Rocket
  • Sleeping mats: Karrimor self-inflating
  • Sleeping Bags: Gelert
  • Towels: Microfibre towel (these are a must – super lightweight and quick-drying)
  • Speakers: 2 X-mini II tiny speakers – amazing sound quality for such tiny things.
  • Kindle – no need to carry 10 books around any more.

These are the best things I could find in our budget and the best value for money, plus most importantly are lightweight. I shouldn’t be this excited about these things, but I am. So there.

Absolutely cannot wait to get moving now, this waiting around, planning and tying up loose ends is harder work than I’ve done teaching for the past two years! So long Korea!

Click the image below to enlarge.

Sunchang Panorama

View from the roof of our apartment, one last time.

Sunchang Korean Man

This is the happiest man in Sunchang, nickname 'Smiler'. Sadly not playing ball in this pic.

Final Night Fun

Final night fun and games - way too much alcohol.


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