Rob Roy Glacier & Lake Hawea

We were told about this track by our guide on the Franz Josef. Tori told us it was one of the best short day hikes she’s done so with that in mind we set out with high hopes for a good day’s wandering up to the Rob Roy Glacier. Once again, New Zealand delivered. The track took us over  a swingbridge and up into the sub alpine forest of the Rob Roy mountain.

Rob Roy Track

Previously we’d stopped off on the drive to the start of the track to pick up a hitchhiker, a smiley Japanese fella travelling on his own. We got chatting and it turned out that not only was he 17 years old but he’d been hitching around New Zealand for 5 months of a 6 month trip having decided he’d had enough of studying in Japan. His parents weren’t too impressed with his decision to head off on his lonesome but I certainly was. It takes some balls to do that. It lead me to start wondering why more people don’t do that at his age. Well… we all know why I guess – it’s scary, it’s difficult on a shoe-string, it’s easier to stay at home. The fact is that he’s going to get back to Japan with a whole heap of extra life experience, and a better idea about another culture. I’m impressed.

The track was fantastic and wound it’s way up along the side of mountain, through the forest and out into a rocky expanse near the end, with a breathtaking view of the glacier clinging to the side of Mt. Rob Roy. Absolutely amazing. Peaceful, awe-inspiring.

Rob Roy Track 2

View after view after view!

The following day we headed for Wanaka via Lake Hawea, unfortunately exercising atrocious Geordie accents (“Hawea Man!”). I’m sorry, but it’s true. We didn’t hang around Hawea for long sadly but I just wanted to give it a mention because the view was excellent – pics below.

Lake Howea 1

Lake Hawea

Another great leg of the trip done, and not a bad word to say so far!

Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Rob Roy Forest

Rob Roy Glacier 3

Rob Roy Glacier looking immense.

Rob Roy Glacier 4

Rob Roy Glacier 5

Rob Roy Glacier 6

The end of the track - quite a reward.

Rob Roy Glacier 7

Jane & Ruth Rob Roy Glacier

Jane & Ruth enjoying the view.

Ruth on the Rob Roy Track

Lake Howea 2

Another view of Lake Hawea.

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  1. Abigail Edge says:

    These photos took my breath away! Simple incredible x

  2. Sam Davis says:

    Amazing photos – well done!!

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