Pattern Tree is Live!

For those of you not in the know, Ruth’s real passion is art. She draws all of the lovely artwork for this site and we’ve finally managed to set up her own website at It’s taken some time to get it ready but we’re really happy with it now, it’s a showcase of her work which we really hope can someday be her sole job.

The Pattern Tree

The Pattern Tree - Ink on cartridge paper.

It all started in Korea in one of the most tedious training sessions you can possibly imagine. We sat at the back of the classroom like naughty school kids. Bryan and I read, Ruth doodled. Those doodles have progressed, in my very biased opinion, into something really amazing. I’m sure you’ll agree. The trip we’re on now is proving to provide a plethora of inspiration. Aborigine and Maori art has already crept its way into Ruth’s pieces, so who knows what’s next as we head through Asia.

She’ll also be writing a blog now and again about things she finds, new pieces that she creates and stuff she gets up to so why not head over and take a look.

Weather & Earth

Weather & Earth - Ink & watercolour on watercoulor paper.



Two ACEOs from the collection - Ink on handmade paper.

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