Wedding ‘Plans’

Ok, so we’re getting married. We don’t know when, where or how, we just know we are! I’ve been a bit of a loser and started a wedding Pinterest board. It’s one of those twee things that you hate when somebody else does it when you’ve got no reason to be interested in it, but as soon as you can, you blinkin’ well do, and if you’re anything like me you pin to that mawkish board with gusto. But who cares? It’s finally an opportunity to dream unashamedly and with an actual reason. I’ll never have the stuff in those pictures because we’ll never be able to afford them and I don’t see the need to spend your every last penny on a wedding, but there’s no harm in dreaming right? I’m collecting inspiration and imagining it all made by my own fair hand and I relish an opportunity to think and fantasise creatively, so there we have it. (I’d quite like to be able to stamp my foot and stick my tongue out at you just now!)

We’re in Bali at the moment (although prepare for plenty more NZ stuff because we didn’t have much internet access out there so we’ve got some catching up to do) and this place is definitely getting my creative juices (and fantasies) flowing! Lots of lovely lace, fabrics and decorative stuff. I’m looking forward to lots of more inspiring bits from the rest of our trip.

We’ve been throwing around ideas of where to get married. France is currently top of our list, imagine a beautiful countryside gîte, with a marquee in the grounds. But then you have the issue of getting people there, is it selfish to expect people (particularly elderly relatives) to travel that far from home? Then of course there’s the ‘get married on a deserted island’ option, just you, the officiant to marry you and a couple of random locals to bear witness. This option however, would result in my mother never uttering a single word to me ever again. Perhaps not such a bad idea after all… only kidding mum, haha! We could just get married at the local country hotel at home, but that’s not really our thing. Shame my parents don’t have a massive garden like in the movies!

Beach Panorama, New Zealand

Maybe we could get married here?!

The biggest question on everyone’s lips (at least the boys) is, STAG? We’re both keen to have a decent send off and something that everyone can afford to do, without it turning into a seedy flesh fest. Activity weekends look pretty good, particularly for Andy, something funny and physical. There’re some pretty cool ideas here at I quite fancied a weekend in Vegas, but perhaps a little too tacky and a bit of an imposition if you’re going to ask people to travel abroad for the main event!

Anyway, as I said all we know for sure so far is that it’s happening somehow, somewhere, at some point. Let the reveries begin!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Ruth, I’ve just noticed there are Geordie Shore hen parties! You’ve already perfected the accent.

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