Gear Review: Light My Fire Meal Kit

Here’s a little something that we think is gold: The Light My Fire Meal Kit. It’s got everything you need for a clean, tidy, convenient and comfy camping or hiking eating experience. And it’s not too badly priced either (considering what you get – a SPORK for goodness sake! We love sporks.) We bought ours from Amazon after shopping around for the best deal (it seems to depend on what colour you want) but don’t just take our word for it, have a little forage yourself, you never know what cheapness you might be lucky enough to find.

Light My Fire Meal Kit Dark Green

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The Light My Fire Meal Kit includes:

1. Lid and/or plate (450 ml).

Great for making your sarnies on and somewhere to put them instead of the top of the smingey picnic bench.

2. Plate and/or bowl (900 ml).

Perfect for your spag bol! We used it every dinner time, it’s the perfect depth to house anything that will try to escape to the floor from your rickety camping table.

3. SnapBox, waterproof (170 ml).

Good for keeping anything fresh that may omit a liquid. Chopped fruit/veggies, the rest of the tinned sweetcorn you didn’t use… We also happened to use it as a dainty little wine glass. Pure class we are.

4. Spill-free cup with measuring lines (350 ml).

We used this EVERY morning for our ritual cup of tea. Amazing. Also good for soup etc. The measuring lines are pretty handy too, particularly if you fancy yourself as the more gourmet camping cook.

5. Combined strainer and cutting board.

This thing is wonderful, a teeny, portable chopping board that you can also use to strain your pasta. We used it pretty much every day to cut cheese for our ever imaginative sandwiches (although watch out for bits of cheese getting stuck in the holes of the strainer end, they have the potential to fester. We found blowing through them gets rid of pretty much anything and then it’s much easier to clean), it’s just about big enough.

6. Spork.

Well this thing’s pure genius, I can’t speak highly enough of the ingenious Spork. A spoon and a fork in one, with a serrated edge, space saving and the perfect tool to shovel one’s food into one’s mouth. What more could one possibly ask for?

Light My Fire Harness

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We also purchased the Harness which transforms this meal kit from very useful, to an essential for campers and hikers on the move. It’s the only way I would suggest using the kit as a way to store and transport food. Without the harness you simply risk stuff falling out, particularly if it’s a ‘liquidy’ dish like chilli for example. Using the harness transforms it from a static receptacle to a portable lunch/food box. Super!

Four Footprints Rating: 9/10

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