How to… extend your visa in Mataram, Indonesia

One thing that we struggled to find information on was how to extend your 30-day tourist visa while in Indonesia. We were in Mataram on Lombok at the time and thought we had no choice but to get back to Denpasar or one of the bigger cities. Not so, here’s how we did it:

1) Get to the immigration office (Kantor Imigrasi Mataram – Jalan Udayana 2 this is the road name) early and go downstairs to pick up the forms.

2) In the office downstairs you’ll need to get the forms and get photocopies of your passport, visa and departure card. All in this costs around 25000IDR.
Expect to be hounded by people here saying that they can do a quick service for you for an extortionate fee, tell them you’ll be fine and when they keep on at you, ignore them!

3) Head upstairs and fill out the forms, then take them to the main desk. Now you’ll have 2 options. Either you can pay for the express service which means you’ll have your passport and visa back later that day for 400,000IDR or the slow option which will take about 4 days. For this though, you’ll have to go back 3 times to sign various things, don’t ask me why. That means you have to stay in or near Mataram (which probably isn’t worth it) so you can get back there each day. We went for the 400,000Rp. option which went very smoothly.

Obviously the other option you have is to leave the country and come back. From Mataram we heard that Timor was a place people go to for that purpose but I can’t confirm that.

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  1. Pamela Karina says:

    Been reading this blog for awhile and I really enjoy the pictures and destinations. Gives me tons of ideas!

    I wanted to contribute a guest post, but I think your link located in the “Contact/Advertise” page is down. Keeps giving me an error message when I hit send.

    Anyways, keep posting!

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