A bike trip to Amed, Bali

Flying along, weaving in and out of traffic on our little moped and the odd seat-of-your-pants moment, we were on our way to Amed, on the east coast of Bali.

We were booted out that way by the friendly English couple, Ben and Clare who run The Lemonhouse guesthouse in Padang Bai after some much needed blogging and catching up. We’d booked in for two nights, then a third, then a fourth until we eventually stopped messing about and extended for about 10 days. The Lemonhouse was easily the best place we stayed at in Indonesia so far. Comfortable, clean and Ben and Clare are the perfect hosts. We highly recommend it but book fast, it’s getting popular.

Complaining that we hadn’t yet seen the ‘real’ Indonesia that we’d been searching for they told us that the Amed coastline was exactly what our over-haggled brains were after. After the initial busy roads, where it’s actually best to blast along at a speed that makes your eyes close and your bum squirm or risk getting squashed, we found ourselves winding around inlets through little villages full of children who waved and shouted as we passed.

Amed, Bali

The lad on the left loved practising his English with us. Had words about his Liverpool shirt though.

Bukit Indah Homestay would be our accommodation for a couple of nights and very nice it was too, especially with a welcome free upgrade to a superior room. First stop, a local restaurant on recommendation. This was more like it. Dinner for about 80p each, no ‘foreigner tax’! In fact, he proudly told us, “local price”, with a grin of Cheshire cat proportions.

For the next couple of days we pottered about, snorkelling over an old Japanese shipwreck, riding our bike up into the hills meeting more chattering friendly locals and sampling whatever food we could lay our hands on. I would gladly lose an arm for some more of that freshly caught tuna right now, and I’m not even joking. We were only sad that we couldn’t stay for longer; a week would have been ideal.

Meandering our way back to Padang Bai we couldn’t help but feel refreshed and happy to have been out and about, met some really great locals and seen a touch of the ‘real’ Indonesia. This is what travelling’s all about.

Indonesian man and his boy

An Indonesian man and his boy who stopped for a chat.

Amed, Bali

Indonesian Lady

This lady was a star, she couldn’t speak English but smiled a lot and let me take a photo of her.

Amed, Bali

A view from the coastal road to Amed, Bali.

Sunset in Amed, Bali

Sunset in Amed, Bali

Textile school pots, Bali

We stopped off at a textile school where they wove traditionally.

Textile school, Bali

Amed school kids

I waited while Ruth bought some of weaving from the textile school, the kids arrived and posed for the camera before heading for home.

School Kids, Amed, Bali

And here they are terrorising me!

Bali water palace

A water palace on the way home. Sadly we had to get the bike back so we couldn’t explore.


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