A change of plans…

We’ve been diagnosed with a strong case of itchy feet. It’s a condition we’ve had for as long as we can remember and no, I’m not talking about Ruth’s athlete’s foot. We arrived back in Padang Bai, Bali with fresh heads and new ideas, and new plans for the future.

Travelling around New Zealand was fabulous. We moved around constantly, barely stopping for a moment to stop and think, just what we were looking for after two years teaching in Korea. In Indonesia this all changed. We found ourselves a little jaded but we couldn’t work out why. We were seeing things that would stay with us forever, meeting great people but for some reason it wasn’t enough.

After long discussions over far too many beers we worked out that we’re just ready to get working again. Two years of working hard and saving like crazy, our plan was to use the cash to travel, improve our photography and work on the blog, plus a couple of other exciting projects we’ve got in the pipeline. Ruth got Pattern Tree up and running and the response has been amazing, she’s already been asked to do commissions plus people want to know how they can buy her work. While we’re travelling around, it just isn’t possible to sell her pieces.

We’d also started to get bothered by the ‘foreigner tax’ I’ve talked about before. Particularly in the more touristy spots on Indonesia we felt like we were walking wallets. Prices mysteriously tripled, quadrupled, quintupled – it was getting ridiculous.

With this all in mind we began hatching a new plan. First up we’d head for home much sooner than we anticipated, spend a couple of months getting organised and start work on these projects. Then once they’re underway move to France to hopefully housesit, and continue working. I’m going to focus more on Four Footprints and the new idea while Ruth brings Pattern Tree to world fame (of course). Four Footprints has plenty left to offer, we’ll keep travelling and taking photos (which will become more prominent on the site) so we hope you stick with us to see where our itchy feet take us next.

Next up we headed to an island called Karimunjawa off the coast of Java with some friends, here’s a sneaky peak from the next installment.

Karimunjawa Sunset

Sunset on Karimunjawa.

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