Kapas Island, Malaysia – A touch of paradise, and a little problem.

After a couple of weeks on the boat our land lubber legs were craving a few days of beach living, and so we sped our way to Kapas Island off the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. I sat behind the driver, who genuinely looked bored, while his ridiculously long hair whipped my face every couple of seconds. That being said we arrived on the white sands of Kapas in no time and hopped off the boat.

We would be spending four days at the Kapas Beach Chalet resort, which turned out to be a beauty. Just off the beach our little A-frame hut was comfortable, and even the rats scuttling about in the roof couldn’t bother us. (They couldn’t get in this time – see Karimunjawa post!)

Kapas Beach Chalet

We were greeted by Kyan, a Malaysian guy with the sort of gravelly dulcet tones and English accent that should be on late night jazz radio. Ruth gave me a nudge, she’d decided we could stay for a couple of years at least based on his voice alone. A wave of relaxation and laziness hit us as he asked about our trip. He told us that he gave up the rat race in the city a few years ago and became “a man of the cloth” pointing to the sarong which was all he wore. Don’t blame him.

You won’t be surprised to know that we spent the few short days on the island lying in the sun, snorkelling and reading. The usual, so I won’t go on about it.

I took one morning to walk through the jungle over to the other side of the island, the walk wasn’t bad and I emerged on the other side to a little cove. The moment I arrived I was caught short. Nightmare, where do you go? I eventually climbed up on to a tricky ledge, dug a hole and you know the rest. There were plenty of leaves knocking about if you were worried. Problem was, the ledge I was on was ok to get up to, not so much to get down. I was stuck. Getting nervous that other holidaymakers would appear and spot me on my ledge, I frantically flailed around and finally made it down, clothes in tatters. I made my way back to the chalet with a quick nod and a grunt to the couple who’d just arrived looking suspicious and vowed not to let that happen again… which it did, on another island, but that’s another story I’m sure you’d like to hear.

Kapas Island

My ledge is up there somewhere. Nightmare.

Kapas is a great little island, and left us feeling glad we’d chosen it over the more touristy Perhentian Islands nearby. There’s a lovely, unavoidable, laid back feeling there that washes over you which is just what we were looking for. There are a nice mix of families, backpackers and tourists from singapore, so it’s not just the backpacker Isles that we’ve all come to hear about.

All too soon our four days were up and we said our goodbyes to the people at KBC. We told Kyan that we would be going to Penang next – “Great choice,” he told us in his best jazz vocals, that’s his home town. “You’ll spend the next two weeks eating great food. Your body will thank you for that.” Fine by me.

Right, I’m off sarong shopping. See you in Penang.

As usual click on the photos to enlarge them.

Sunset on Kapas.

Sunset on Kapas.

Kapas Island

Kapas Island

Kapas Island flowers.

Kapas Island from the lighthouse

Kapas Island beach.

Kapas Island chalet.

Ruth taking it easy in the hammock.

Kapas Island chalet resort.

Kapas Island beach.

Our deserted beach we visited every day.

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