Singapore without the sling

We arrived in Singapore intrigued and excited to make the most of the 3 days we’d have exploring. If we’re honest could never really call ourselves city people but we’d heard such a buzz about Singapore we had to check it out.

It was an absolute breath of fresh air… literally! I’ve never seen a city so clean and tidy. First stop was to be Little India, a bustling market area with reportedly great food. We meandered about sampling a ‘Teh Tarik’ (super sweet tea poured from a height) and enjoying the riot of colour and smells, the markets and the little shops selling everything you could ever need.

Little India Singapore

We’d been pointed towards Clarke Quay, a modern hangout for suits and briefcases, and shovelled down some eyewateringly expensive but delicious grub. Clarke Quay could be anywhere in the world, we really felt that we could have been back at home, but as we made our way along the river towards the Marina Bay Sands hotel with the sun beginning to set, Singapore absolutely came alive. Lights of all colours flicker on, illuminating the huge glass buildings and creating a totally different feel of vast wealth surrounding you. Out came the camera and we tried to get as many pictures as time would allow.

Singapore skyline at night

We wanted to get a photo looking down from one of the sky scrapers but we had no luck, you can manage it at One Raffles Place but since our clothes by this point of the trip were an absolute disgrace and the fact that I don’t own a pair of trousers or shoes any more put an end to that idea.

We used every chance we got to stuff our faces with food we’d been craving – enormous curries served on banana leaves, gorgeous tacos and fish and chips (not local fare I guess but delicious all the same).

Singapore curry

And now… a confession. We went to a Harry Potter exhibition. There, it’s out there, we admit it. We wandered in amongst a gaggle of 10 year olds, we were definitely the oldest people there without kids, and a guy dressed in a robe and pointy hat tried to put a scarf round our necks to pose for a photo. We politely declined. The lad, who looked totally and utterly distraught, said, “But it’s part of the experience”. We walked off feeling bad with him looking on thoroughly dejected, and into a room where the sorting hat from the films sat on a little stool. After a bit of a show they invited volunteers (children of course) to try on the hat and were (obviously) told they were in Gryffindor. I caught the lady’s eye as she held the hat looking for the next volunteer and knew exactly what was coming. I tried to hide behind one of the larger parents but it was no good, I was selected to make a fool of myself and sat down on the stool, put the hat on and listened to the chuckles of the audience. Turns out I’d be in Slytherin, what a surprise, and with more laughter ringing in my ears we were allowed through to the next section. The exhibition turned out to be great showing memorabilia from the films, but I’m afraid there was a strict no photos policy so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The main reason for visiting the ArtScience Museum was for the Andy Warhol exhibition (honestly) which was excellent, a great insight into the life and works of an artist I’m ashamed to say I knew very little about.

While exploring the town we found our way to the Asian Civilisation Museum which was a bargain. At only $5 Singapore (£2.50) it was definitely worth it and gave us a bit of background info about this wonderful city. I’d recommend a visit if you’re in town.

We completely surprised ourselves about Singapore, we loved it, and left feeling like we’d barely scratched the surface of things to see and do. The only problem was the prices. It is EXPENSIVE! We’ll go back someday I hope and get to the night safari, drink a Singapore sling at One Raffles Place (when I can afford some trousers and shoes) and get that elusive picture looking down on that vivacious and intriguing city.

Here are some more of the photos we managed to get, click to enlarge.

Little India Singapore


Singapore Sculpture

Singapore at night


Asian Civilisation Museum

A shot from the Asian Civilisation Museum.

ArtScience Museum at night

The ArtScience Museum at night.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Light and water show, Singapore

ArtScience Museum, Singapore

The ArtScience Museum, Singapore.

Singapore at night

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

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  1. Sheba0224 says:

    Lovely photos, you two! I’m glad you enjoyed Singapore and hopefully next time you let me know in advance and I can have my family show you the “cheap yet delicious” places to eat and cheaper places to shop and enjoy! Lots of love, Shanti and Matt

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