The Best Places to Cycle in Sydney

Being a beautiful part of Australia and a major tourist destination, Sydney is a city that lures you to explore all that is on offer, in its spectacular outdoors. With dedicated cycle pathways at every turn, Sydney is ideal for experiencing on two wheels.

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park – by Tran’s World Productions

For a safe and fun way to spend a day with the family, Sydney Olympic Park and its 35km’s of cycleways is a great place to start. It offers 3 circuits which take the cyclist through Olympic venues, Bicentennial Park and along the idyllic Parramatta River. All of the circuits are close to facilities such as toilets, picnic areas, playgrounds and bubblers for thirsty riders. You can bring your own bike, or you can hire a bike at the park. In addition to the 3 circuits the park has to offer, there are also facilities for the more daring riders at the BMX and X Monster Tracks! All that need be done is to pick the track you wish to ride!

Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands, Sydney – by R0gue Warri0r

The Centennial Parklands cyclist carriage was opened in 1900, and today boasts over 700,000 cycling visits per year. It is a shared cycleway to both cyclists and pedestrians with 3.8 km of dedicated cycle lane catering for all levels of experience. To add some family fun, the parklands also offer a one way learners cycleway, which is a great place for children to learn to ride their bikes. This area also provides toilet, barbecue and playground facilities which make for a family friendly day out in the park. If you are wishing to hire a bike, Centennial Park Cycles offers 7 days bike hire from 9:00am to 5:00pm, making it easy for everyone to have the cycling experience. The park does have set rules and regulations that are enforced under NSW legislation, so check out the Centennial Parklands website before setting off for a day of parklands cycling.

Sydney Royal National Park: Lady Carrington Drive

Lady Carrington Drive, Sydney – by _granty

Lady Carrington Drive is a 10km each way road that is suited to the use of mountain bikes, and for riders of all levels. It takes approximately 1hour and 20minutes each way, with 3 picnic areas along the track to stop, relax and grab a drink or a bite to eat. The route follows the Hacking River, passing over 15 creeks signposted with their aboriginal names. It is a scenic ride through blue gums, turpentine’s and rainforest, with the high probability of encountering wildlife along the way.


Manly – by mkruesselmann

Being one of the most beautiful coastal parts of Sydney, Manly is a hot spot for cycling, with over 20km of cycling paths on offer. Jump on a path that takes you through North Head Sanctuary, riding through heathland, banksias, the hanging swamp, and stunning you with beautiful ocean views. The Ocean Beach Front is another family friendly dedicated cycleway that starts at the Manly Lagoon and takes you all the way to Shelly Beach, where the water is protected from swell and makes for a safe place for kids and snorkelers.

Road Cycling

Road Cycling Sydney – by Wheats

If you’re looking for some road cycling action, then 99 Bikes is the place to call. Leaving from 99 Bikes, Artarmon, to the end of Bobbin Head Road and back, it will surely satisfy the needs of any road cyclist hankering after a good pack ride. With a passion for biking and getting the community involved in a healthy lifestyle, it is sure to meet the expectations of any rider.

So, oil the bike chain, dust off the bicycle helmet and head out for a day of adventure! Whether it is mountain biking in national parks, cruising with the kids on cycle ways or stretching it out on roads, there will be a destination out there that is perfect for everyone!

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