The Five Best Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai has recently gained prevalence as a popular tourist destination due to its superb infrastructure and convenient location. It is located within hours of major cities in Europe and the Middle East, allowing residents from several nearby countries to easily visit this exciting city. With a tropical desert climate, much like popular Cabo San Lucas, it’s easy to see why this destination has become increasingly popular among world travelers. Dubai’s international airport is the largest airport within the Middle East, which makes accessing Dubai necessary for some long flights, increasing its exposure to the international market.
Due to its size and popularity, Dubai has hotel and lodging opportunities to suit any budget, from the economically-minded businessperson to the lavish luxury appreciator. Spend some time investigating Dubai hotels to find an optimal hotel for your budget and preferences.

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Five Best Dubai Activities

This expansive city offers several activities and attractions that will please any type of traveler. From the history buff to the art appreciator, Dubai has something for everyone. Below are five of the best things to do in Dubai:

  1. Be Entertained by The Dubai FountainWith a jet that erupts to over 150 meters in height, the Dubai Fountain has become one of the most well-known fountains in the world. This is a definite must-see attraction for all visitors to Dubai. This unique fountain performs a dancing show every evening at Burj Dubai Lake; shows can be seen every 30 minutes. A trip to this fountain is well worth it, especially because the Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest fountain.
  2. Appreciate History within the Bastakiya DistrictAs one of the last remaining districts of Old Dubai, this district has gained prevalence with many tourists for offering a glimpse into the history of Dubai. This historic district features reconstructed buildings in the traditional Dubai style of architecture. Beyond breathtaking construction, this district is also home to numerous museums, art galleries and cafes.
  3. Learn Something at the Dubai MuseumIf you are interested in the social history of the United Arab Emirates, a visit to the Dubai Museum is a must. The trip to the museum begins at al-Fahidi, which features several reed houses and various artifacts. Perhaps one of the most interesting extensions is an exhibit located beneath the fort. This exhibit uses recent advancement to showcase the history of Dubai in a captivating and interesting way. A trip to the Dubai Museum promises to inform visitors in an entertaining and engaging manner.
  4. Observe from Burj KhalifaWhat was once known as “Burj Dubai,” the recently renamed Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure, measuring in at over 828 meters with 160 floors. An observation deck can be visited on the 124th floor that will offer visitors an unparalleled view of the surrounding area. Not surprisingly, this behemoth hosts a mall, six hotels and plenty of places to eat. Impressively, this skyscraper also features a fountain system that was inspired by the iconic fountains in Las Vegas.
  5. Soak in the Sun at the BeachDubai is home to countless watersports for appreciators of all walks of life. The Dubai beaches are famous for their seemingly bleached-white sand. While some nearby diving locations have been interrupted due to construction, boat tours can provide an unprecedented look at wrecked boats and captivating coral reefs. Sharjah Enclave and Khor Fakkan feature world-class diving opportunities, and both locations are home to a wide diversity of marine life, providing a rare opportunity to view unique species.

You Can Enjoy All of Dubai

Dubai is a wondrous and exciting city with an architectural landscape that rivals many other major cities.  Whether you prefer to spend your time enjoying the beach or taking in culture and one of the many museums, there is something in Dubai for you. With a growing economy as well as appealing attractions, it’s easy to see why Dubai is becoming such a popular tourist destination.

About the Author: Allan Vigraham is a contributing writer and world traveler. He enjoys advising his friends and coworkers about how to enjoy their holidays. Since he grew up in a tourist town, he commonly witnessed tourists failing to fully experience his city. Allan advises that travelers attempt to fully experience their destinations by planning ahead.
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    I will have to check out the Bastakiya District when I make my trek to Dubai. This is going to be a very awe-inspiring adventure. Thanks for the post and the ideas!

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