How to Spend Five Days in London

London is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As such, it can be difficult to plan an itinerary that allows you to thoroughly absorb the magnificence of this great city. However, planning an effective itinerary is possible.

Your Five-Day Itinerary

London offers hundreds of worthwhile attractions; however, you have a limited amount of time. Below is a five-day itinerary designed to help you see the best of London. Feel free to alter or change the itinerary to suit your interests.

  • Day 1After you arrive and get settled, get on the underground and head to Trafalgar Square. This iconic location is perhaps best known for Nelson’s Column. It also contains two massive galleries: National Portrait and National Gallery. You could spend the rest of your day exploring these galleries. Otherwise, head to Parliament Square. Here, you’ll be able to see the Banqueting House, Downing Street and Horse Guards Palace.
  • Day 2After you’ve eaten a traditional English breakfast, head to Gerrard Street. Walk down this street past Chinatown, then head east down Shaftesbury Avenue to Piccadilly Circus. Bring your camera — Piccadilly is filled with many photo opportunities. Spend a little money at nearby Hamleys, Liberty and Carnaby Street. End your day at one of the most beautiful open spaces in the city by strolling through Regent’s Park. If you’re up for it, visit London Zoo.
  • Day 3Once you’ve woken up and are ready to go, find your way to Covent Garden, one of the most popular districts in the city. Covent Garden is known for its street entertainers, so bring some small notes and coins to give them well-deserved tips. You’ll also be able to visit the Royal Opera House and London Transport Museum. There are dozens of shops throughout the district to check out as well. A short walk will take you to the British Museum. You could easily spend a full day here viewing antiquities from around the world.
  • Day 4Begin your day in Trafalgar Square once more, but this time make your way over the river to Southbank. You’ll be able to view Victoria Embankment, which houses the oldest monument in London: Cleopatra’s Needle. Make your way to Southbank Centre to view the National Theatre. You can also take in the Royal Festival Hall, Hayward Gallery and Queen Elizabeth Hall. Cap off your day by experiencing London’s famous nightlife. Find a bar or club near your hotel to avoid a confusing ride home. Below are some of the most popular clubs in London:
    • Cable Located in a train beneath the London Bridge station, this venue has earned a reputation for providing the best “warehouse club” experience in London. There are events almost every night, and bands play every weekend.
    • Corsica StudiosLocated in two railway arches on Elephant Road, this unique club was originally founded on the idea of making a space for creative people. This has resulted in countless shows and artistic displays featured here.
    • The Star of KingsThis new addition to the London scene is quickly gaining fans. They host local musicians and DJs to provide a memorable experience for locals and travelers alike.
  • Day 5On your final day in London, spend time revisiting any sites you visited earlier. This is your final day to solidify your London experience. This can best be done by spending some time wandering streets you’re familiar with, taking any last photographs and enjoying British cuisine.

Create a Lifelong Memory Now

A trip to London doesn’t have to last several weeks to forge lifelong memories. With so much history and culture in London, there are many possibilities for your vacation. Consider your own interests and passions, and modify the above itinerary to make it your own. Be sure to bring a camera and an extra memory card — you’ll need them!

About the Author: Luke Hebert is a contributing writer and travel aficionado. He makes an effort to take weeklong vacations every few months. Luke provides advice about the best ways to enjoy the most popular tourist destinations on his travel blog.
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    I only had a layover at Heathrow on my way to Prague. Which was less than ideal. I wanted to explore London!

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