Paris Catacombs – IKALP in Paris

I Know A Little Place in… Paris.

This great little gem of the French capital is actually more underground, than in the city. The Catacombs of Paris are one of the city’s best attractions, although often forgotten behind the many other star attractions on show in the city.

Essentially a large underground grave, the Catacombs are among the more unusual tourist attractions in the city, but definitely worth a visit. When the city’s suburbs became too crowded over the centuries, the people of Paris began to bury their dead underground, for so long that the grave amassed the bones of over six million dead people.

Image courtesy 'elbragon' Flickr

Image courtesy ‘elbragon’ Flickr

It was around the middle of the 18th century when the Catacombs were created and corpse after corpse was buried in the tunnels for a whole 30 years. Even bones from the city’s cemeteries were moved down below street-level and the process continued until the number totalled six million.

As you can see, the history you’ll learn is fascinating and you can easily find a tour to take of this mysterious and spooky world during your stay in Paris. With the entrance right by Denfert Rochereau Metro station, the Catacombs are very easy to get to, but you’ll then find that Metro journey back very strange as you keep thinking of the bones behind the poster-covered walls of the Paris Metro.

Not only will you see bones, bones and more bones, but you’ll also find that the Catacombs are somewhat of an underground art gallery.

Image courtesy 'Jessica Mullen' Flickr

Image courtesy ‘Jessica Mullen’ Flickr

The bones are arranged in some peculiar, yet interesting designs at parts and you’ll even come across murals painted on the walls of certain corridors. These murals are several centuries old and were painted by artists of the past as part of an attempt to “brighten up the place” and they even held the occasional concert down there to take away some of the gloomy feel! That may sound strange, but then so does the fact that they even used to brew beer down there!

Convinced? Well then make sure to book a tour of this spooky underground grave/art gallery/concert hall/brewery on your next trip to Paris. And with an apartment from All-Paris-Apartments you can be sure of a comfortable place to have those nightmares when you go to bed that night!

About the Author: Written by Euan McTear of Barcelona-based Open House Group – provider of accomodation in 10 different European cities.
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  1. Architecturally Paris is a very nice & attractive country. But i didn’t know that it has another more attractive thing. This spooky underground grave can be called “Art gallery of death “.
    Thanks for shearing this nice collection of images.

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