Morning in Las Vegas

I’m sure that a lot of us have some pre-conceived concept of what Las Vegas is all about. It’s not called the Sin City for nothing. In the morning however, the city paints a different picture and it’s much lovelier than the bright lights you see at night.

To get you started on your day tour in Vegas, here are a couple of good attractions to consider:

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

If you fancy a long and healthy hike, Red Rock will not disappoint. Enjoy the incredible views you’ll encounter as you hike the trail, but make sure you take plenty of drinks along with you – it can reach a stifling 40ºC. A good walk will take about 2-3 hours and is ideal for children too.

Image by Vancour

Image by Vancour

Vegas Extreme Skydiving

If you’re the adventurous type (and fancy giving your courage a little test!) why no try a skydiving experience in Las Vegas. Skydive in tandem with professional and knowledgeable instructors, take in the stunning view of the canyon and Hoover dam before leaping out of the plane 3 miles up and hurtling downwards. I guarantee it will leave you wanting to do it again and again!


Image by Boofalo Blues

Exotics Racing

A 2o minute drive away from Las Vegas offers a totally different type of experience. Try your hand at driving super expensive, super fast exotic sports cars from Ferraris and Porches to Lamborghinis and McLarens! Professional drivers with heaps of experience will guide and help you before letting you loose for a few laps of the circuit, or a bit of drifting!

Dig This

Remember fondly the days as a youngster in the sandpit digging holes? Never quite got over that love of trucks and diggers. Look no further then than Dig This! – America’s only heavy equipment playground. Sit behind the controls of huge Caterpillar excavators or bulldozers and get shifting dirt. What’s not to like?!

So the next time you fly to Las Vegas, perhaps you may see it from a different perspective. While The Hangover still accurately depicts the typical Vegas experience mingled with irrational and last minute wedding plans at the White Chapel, you now have some new options to consider for the next time. Las Vegas not only represents a lavish gambling experience but a wholesome and exciting vacation as well. And remember: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

If you want to reserve accommodations within the city to avoid the lengthy commute, a great place to consider is ARIA. Not only does it have luxurious hotel room suites and a casino for anyone who wants to wants to try their good fortunes on the card table, the hotel also has a wide range of restaurants to satisfy your palate. Anything from European to Asian, the hotel has it all.

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