ESL Lesson – Animal Idioms (Elementary)

This is a lesson I taught while I served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine that was extremely popular and effective, which presents a handful of common English animal idioms, also gives us a chance to practice the use of similes and comparisons by using “as [adj] as” I.e. “as healthy as a horse” or “as sick as a dog.” Just follow the instructions below and use the attached materials for this lesson or as a base for any lesson focused on the apprehension of new idiom vocabulary. Provided below are activities than can be used for a normal 45-50 min. class along with a number of supplementary materials that can be added to extend the lesson to a longer lesson or for a second lesson.


Read the Lesson Plan and download the Lesson Files

About the Author: Patrick Cutrona is a 25 year old native Massachusettsman who studied in Vermont and Ecuador and served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine until December and has been teaching at Language Skills English Center since January. Patrick enjoys interactive and communicative based teaching where the students and their participation are the central part of the lesson. In his free time he enjoys reading, fishing, and traveling. He will begin his M.A. in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis in September. Follow Patrick on Google+.

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